Elena Eustache

Elena Eustache

Actor, Comedian and Coach


About Elena Eustache

Stand-up comedian Elena Eustache has been a regular at the Comedy Store, the Laugh Factory, Caroline's on Broadway and on the Funniest Mom in America 3. She also does stand up at Improv NY and LA. She enjoys acting as well as her own weekly televised radio show, ElenaE “In the Heart of Stars,” where she interviews celebrities and discovers their secrets for success and overcoming struggles. She has authored two books; “Yin, How to be Male,” and “Yang, How to be Female.” In addition, she is an expert in Dowsing, Fengshui, Yuen Energetic and is a professional relationship coach, a parent instructor, a cognitive behavior trainer and a communication instructor. She offers all of these services as well as spiritual counseling through her own company, Excellence Yuen.

Dr. Eustache says it was natural to go from comedy to psychology. One of the most rewarding aspects to her life as a performer is the interaction with people and the opportunity to bring some humor and peace into their lives. Her performance career opened her eyes to how many people need novel approaches to dealing with marital, parenting, relationship and psychological issues. It was a natural leap, then, to go from performing in such popular shows such as “The Burn,” or her own creation, the TV comedy series “Ring Masters,” to advancing her counseling practice by obtaining a PhD in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychology. Her Dr. Elena Eustache Show is an opportunity to share with many viewers her solutions to the love life and relationship issues of the stars.

Professional and Education Background

Born in Czechoslovakia, Elena Eustache was only six years old when she began her acting career. By the age of ten, she was studying professionally at the Dramatic School of Art in the Czech Republic. Her love affair with language began at that early age as well as she began to perform on stage in several different foreign languages. She went to New York in 1999 to study directing at Columbia University and continued her studies at The William Esper Studios and the School for Film and Television in New York. At Caroline's on Broadway she learned to become a standup comedienne and went on to get jobs at comedy clubs around the US. After competing in the Funniest Mom in America 3, she was involved in the filming of “The Informant,” with Matt Damon. Her newest work is a feature documentary film called “American Windego” and she will soon direct “Erzebeth,” a historical film that she wrote.

Counselor, Instructor and Educator

As a professional counselor, teacher and lecturer, Elena Eustache devotes herself to helping her clients change through energy healing, counseling and coaching. Through her beliefs in the importance of peace and unconditional love, she is able to help people find love and return it. She teaches that through love, individuals can transform consciousness and implement energy healing techniques that will result in the healing of not only themselves, but the environment they live in. Elena also teaches Communication with love and how to avoid games, seductive ploys and intimidation by communicating through and with love.
She also is a Dowsing instructor, a unique process that helps people understand the energy forces that are working in their homes and environment and how they affect their lives. She helps them find the areas of positive energy in their homes, offices and gardens as well as the negative vortexes and lines, so the negatives can be transformed into positive and their lives and their luck will be improved. All of this pays off in increased wealth, health, harmony, success, creativity and improved sleep patterns which result in a more peaceful life.
Elena is soon to become Dr. Elena and will work on many projects with Dr. Ava Cadell on various shows as a love and relationship expert. 

Personal Details

Elena Eustache is Czech French but lives in Los Angeles with her nine year old son, Naveen Joshua – son of actor Naveen Andrews. She speaks twelve languages and enjoys such activities as yoga, meditation, history, art, movies, writing, spirituality, cooking, fashion and best of all, being a mom.


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